Think green.Make it in plants

Plants are sustainable bio-factories by nature. By making plants to produce the goods the world needs, we are contributing to make the world a better place.
Who we are

Our scientists rewire plants genetically to make them synthesize new bioproducts.

We take advantage of the most advanced technology developed by CSIC scientists members of the team to produce more and better products in plants, ranging from recombinant proteins such as antibodies or human growth factors to high added value metabolites used in medicine, cosmetics, or crop protection.

In MadeInPlant we are experienced plant bio-designers. Our researchers have developed a large catalogue of well-characterized genetic modules that, wisely combined, enable the plant to synthesize the desired products.

We also offer our clients a genetic modules catalogue and assist them in creating their own costume made genetic constructs, e.g., metabolic engineering, CRISPR/Cas editing and beyond. We provide experienced support in all the steps of the process, from construct design to provide guidance in the application for permits for indoors cultivation and open field trials.

All this makes MadeInPlant your ideal partner in plant biotechnology and gene editing projects.


  • Catalogue of bioproducts
  • Plant genetic parts
  • Partnership in biodesign projects