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We have a wide range of “Made in plant” products generated in a sustainable way, from recombinant proteins such as antibodies or human growth factors, to high added-value metabolites used in medicine, cosmetics or crop protection. We also offer genetic parts for the development of Synthetic Biology projects in plants.

Wide variety of products "Madeinplant"
  • Growth factors and cytokines with applications in the cosmetics industry and cultured meat production (TIMP-2, HGH, VEGF165, EGF)
  • Vegantibodies, fully vegan antibodies for animal-free research (anti-SARS-CoV2).
  • Other reagents such as antigens for use in detection and diagnostic tests in the research and clinical fields (SARS-CoV2 protein N).
  • Enzymes for industrial use, acceleration of reactions, optimization of production processes, etc.
Genetic parts "GoldenBraid" for synthetic biology

Madeinplant offers a collection of plasmids for the generation of multigene constructs in Synthetic Biology, Metabolic Engineering and Plant Gene Editing projects using our GoldenBraid cloning system.

  • GoldenBraid starter kit. The kit contains the complete set of destination plasmids required for GoldenBraid cloning, as well as an extensive collection of DNA parts commonly used in synthetic biology and plant metabolic engineering (promoters, terminators, selection markers, CRISPR/Cas endonucleases, etc).
  • Own collection of binary plasmids
  • Genetic constructs on demand

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