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We provide the most advanced technology developed by CSIC scientists in plant biotechnology and genetic engineering

Our plants, Nicotiana benthamiana and Nicotiana tabacum

At Madeinplant we use tobacco and related species, especially the plant Nicotiana benthamiana, as a chassis for the bioproduction of compounds of interest. This plant, native to Australia, presents a series of characteristics that make it the ideal platform for biofactory projects: it is a plant that is easy to grow, develops quickly, and is capable of producing large amounts of the protein of interest. In addition, given its great utility, it is widely characterized at the genomic level, which has facilitated the development of N. benthamiana lines with new and improved characteristics. Thus, at Madeinplant we develop varieties optimized for use as a biofactory in terms of biomass, biosafety or glycosylation.

In-planta production systems

To increase the performance of our products, we make use of biotechnological tools based on plant viruses, capable of enhancing the capacity of our plant biofactories.

The Pluribodies technology , developed by the Madeinplant researchers, allows us to produce one or several recombinant proteins simultaneously, quickly and with great efficiency and reproducibility. We also have extensive experience in the design of synthetic genetic circuits that allow us to achieve a precise spatio-temporal regulation of the production of the molecules of interest. Finally, our innovative extraction strategies allow us to greatly reduce processing costs, offering highly competitive products with minimal impact on the environment.

GoldenBraid: the Lego game of the plant genetic engineering

One of the keys to the success of Madeinplant is the introduction of the principles of standardization and modularity to plant biotechnology. The best example is our GoldenBraid technology, a modular cloning system used in hundreds of academic laboratories, which Madeinplant now also offers companies. We have hundreds of genetic parts in the GoldenBraid format, which makes them easily combinable with each other to quickly create new genetic instructions for customised metabolic engineering or gene editing projects


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